Lock in Rates! Don’t Leave Currency Exchange Rates to Fate.

When work life gets a little overwhelming, the call of the next vacation beckons, and the last thing you need is currency rate fluctuations to crash your spending vibes. That’s why it’s key to lock in favorable exchange rates. Enter Merchantrade Money, your go-to solution offering a game-changing feature to
lock in exchange rates, hassle-free and at zero service fee.

Merchantrade Money isn’t your average e-wallet. It’s your passport to seamless multi-currency transactions, backed by live exchange rates that keep you ahead of the game.


How Do I ‘Lock the Rate’ with Merchantrade Money?

Merchantrade Money can be your strategic ally in the currency exchange game, especially when you can opt to purchase the foreign currency you need, wherever you are.   

Imagine this: You planned for a skiing holiday in Japan and have successfully purchased Japanese Yen (JPY) on a competitively low exchange rate. With Merchantrade Money, you lock in this rate, loading your card with the adequate amount of MYR, which gives you the net amount for JPY. 

Now, even if the exchange rate takes a sudden dive, your Japanese Yen remains untouched, ensuring your travel budget stays on track. So the only way the rate changes for the same country currency is if you decide to purchase at a different rate! 


Here’s how you can easily buy foreign currency from the app in 4 simple steps.

Image 1
1. Login to the Merchantrade Money app & select Multi Currency.
Image 2
2. Click on Japanese Yen (JPY).
Image 3
3. Key in the amount to purchase, and click on CONFIRM.
Image 4
4. Review the Total Payable amount and click on CONFIRM.


‘Currency Purchased Successfully’ is the notification message sent to you upon a successful FX purchase!

But the perks don’t stop there. Merchantrade Money treats you to fee-free currency usage, so you learn to earn more money as you transact globally and spend like a local overseas!


Effortless Currency Management Made Simple.

Managing multiple currencies has never been easier abroad. Whether you’re paying for inter-city transport, indulging in online retail therapy, or treating your palate to wagyu, Merchantrade Money’s multi currency feature and live exchange rates put the power of currency management at your fingertips.

Unlock your potential with Merchantrade Money. Seamlessly manage multiple currencies with our fee-free currency usage feature, empowering you to transact globally like a local anywhere Visa is accepted. Plus, learn to earn more money as you transact, ensuring your financial freedom knows no bounds. Don’t just manage currencies, master them! Experience the convenience, flexibility, and security you deserve with Merchantrade Money.

Not a Merchantrade Money user yet? Download the eWallet here!


About Merchantrade Money

Merchantrade Money is Malaysia’s First Hybrid eWallet Card, an app and card-based digital wallet that features a multi currency wallet solution and more. Empowering its users with the ability to Buy, Keep or Sell over 20 major currencies from the app, it’s everyone’s go-to travel companion when going overseas. For more information, please visit www.merchantrademoney.com


About Merchantrade Asia

Merchantrade Asia Sdn. Bhd. is a licensed Money Services Business operator and e-Money issuer. Its product offerings encompass payments, remittance services, currency exchange, corporate and merchant solutions, telecommunication and micro-insurance. Financial inclusion is a key consideration behind every product, service and technology innovation in a complete ecosystem of digital financial solutions that empower underserved communities. For more information, please visit www.mtradeasia.com

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