Go Digital With Interconnected Corporate Cards

Empower your employees to make quicker decisions with better budget management through an interconnected corporate expense card solution.

Convert To A Modern Solution For Business Expenses.

Save costs, time and manage business expenses better with interconnected corporate cards, eWallets and a finance command portal.

RE:THINK Expense Clarity

All In One Command Centre For Business

Manage all your employee cards for funds disbursements, card functions, spend reports, and more, all in one nifty place.

Works on Computers & Apps

Streamline All Your Company Claims In One Place

Get peace of mind to focus on your business with our integrated digital expense ecosystem that instantly converts old manual processes into modern automation.

RE:THINK Employee Agility And Trust

Empower Employee Spend With Smart Controls

Drive better business performance by empowering teams with trust and transparency to plan and execute quickly.

Unleash potential and drive success by balancing payment freedom with controlled spend for employees.

Benefits Of An Interconnected Ecosystem


  • Complete control over where money is spent
  • Track and monitor spending as it happens
  • Separate business and personal expenditure
  • Agility to drive business and projects forward
  • Reduced time and errors on expense processing


  • No Pay & Claim Manual Processes
  • Digital Expense Tracking & Instant Receipt Capture Feature
  • More Ways To Make Payments For Work
  • Accessible Work Expense Budget Allocation
  • No Overspend Risk On Personal Credit Cards

Simplify Company Spending With Automated Controls

Grow and save with global payments, multi currency ewallets and smarter spending.

Spending Agility For Your Whole Team

Boost efficiency with our smart VISA business prepaid cards. Enable teams to make quick decisions without waiting for manual approvals, separating work and personal budgets, and keeping work projects moving with clear visibility ahead.

Our Corporate Card Changes Manual Pay & Claim Processes

Assign Corporate Cards and eWallet To All Employees

Give a card to all employees and assign spend categories, limits to separate personal and business expenses.

Allocate Expense Funds Monthly or As Needed

Distribute allocated funds for their monthly expenditure or as needed.

Track and Reconcile Expenses Anytime

Periodically review spend activities, generate reports for easy bookkeeping and support your business goals.


Employee utilizes budget allocated for payments anywhere. All transactions are automatically tracked for easy reimbursements and top-ups.


Admin sets budget and tops-up the employee account, sets limits, spend categories and downloads reports for hassle-free bookkeeping.

RE:THINK Faster Bookkeeping

It’s Insane How Manual Pay and Claim Processes Slow Everything Down

Admin sets budget and tops-up the employee account, sets limits, spend categories and downloads reports for hassle-free bookkeeping.

  • Overwhelming paperwork, forms and processes
  • Time wasting chasing approvals or claims reimbursements emails
  • Messy receipts, documents, justifying expenses for claim stresses and more

Stop Processing Claims In Spreadsheets

Stop wasting time with manual paper receipts and late claims.

“We switched to Merchantrade Money Biz and are thrilled with the low fee and zero conversion fees. The user-friendly portal and app simplifies expense tracking and receipt uploads. Requesting top-ups is a breeze with just a click. Highly recommended for its convenience and transparency!”



Supporting You With A Proven Track Record

Personal To Business, Built On Proven Expertise

From ‘personal’, now comes ‘business’. We’ve been at the forefront of multi-currency cross border digital payments, offering our unique award-winning brand of versatility and secure personal payments platform since 2017.

RE:THINK Collaborations

Free Up Manual Processes With API Integrations

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RE:THINK Automation, Control, Risk

Interconnected Digital Tools Means Less Admin Paperwork

Easily track expenses, set spend limits, choose categories, download reports and much more.

  • VISA Business Prepaid Cards
  • Multi Currency eWallet
  • Expense Management Portal


Save More When You See What Your Team Spends On

Streamline spending management in one place to improve financial control and reduce risk.

Increase Team Performance With Transparency

Remove Paperwork For Expenses And Claims

Go Digital With Nextgen Expense Management

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