Enable QR Payments For Your Business

One QR is all you need to enjoy the convenience

Move your business into the modern age, remove the hassle of managing cash & coins, accept real-time payments from all participating banks and eWallets. Get customers to scan your unique Merchantrade DuitNow QR Code today.

Display A Single QR To Accept All Payments

Merchantrade DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s National QR Standard enabled by Paynet that accepts digital payments from participating banks and eWallets.

Online Merchant Portal To Check Transactions & More

See payments as they happen. Run your business with added confidence & convenience with an online portal to check your daily transactions, add store managers or download statements for your business reconciliation.

No Upfront Cost To Get Started

Get started with Merchantrade DuitNow QR and receive your FREE QR starter kit at ZERO upfront cost.

Secure Real-time Payments Monitoring

See payments and transactions made to your business on your merchant portal quickly, conveniently and securely anywhere, anytime.

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Got Questions?

1. What is DuitNow QR?

DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s national Quick Response (QR) standard established by PayNet under Bank Negara Malaysia’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework.

2. What is Merchantrade DuitNow QR for Merchant?
3. Who can apply for Merchantrade DuitNow QR for Merchant?
5. How will DuitNow QR benefit my business?
6. Can I request for more than one (1) QR Code for the same account?
7. Where can I use the Merchantrade DuitNow QR for payment acceptance?
8. Can other banks or e-wallet users make payments by scanning the Merchantrade DuitNow QR code?
9. Do I have to pay for this service?
10. What is a MDR? And who charges and pays for it?
11. Why must MDR be charged?
12. How do I know if the payment has been successfully made and credited into my account?
13. How soon will I get my payment?
14. Is there any limit on the total transactions or payments received?
15. Are merchants allowed to void or refund transactions?
16. In the scenario where a customer’s transaction is successful but it is not displayed in the Merchant Portal, what should I do?
17. Will I receive the QR code with the standee?
18. How do I get a replacement QR code if needed?