What is DuitNow?

DuitNow Transfer is a fund transfer service that allows you to send and receive money to / from other eWallets or banking accounts instantly at no charge! All you need is the recipient’s mobile number when you’re transferring money. You can register and transfer using DuitNow via Merchantrade Money.

Enjoy the benefits of DuitNow Transfer

Instant transfers to any eWallet or bank

ZERO charges when sending or receiving money

You don't need to remember bank account numbers

Safe & secure transfers

Easy to register for DuitNow ID

2 Ways To DuitNow

DuitNow Transfer

Transfer your funds to any DuitNow ID including mobile number, MyKad/Passport number, Army/Police number and Business Registration number.

DuitNow QR

Simply scan the DuitNow QR to send/receive money to/from anyone. Make payments to any merchant by scanning the QR from your Merchantrade Money app!

How To DuitNow

Download Merchantrade Money App and activate your DuitNow today!

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Got Questions?

1. What is DuitNow?

DuitNow is a real-time fund transfer service that allows you to transfer and receive funds instantly by entering DuitNow ID instead of an account number.

2. What is DuitNow ID?
3. How do I register DuitNow ID in Merchantrade Money eWallet?
4. Can I register more than one DuitNow ID in Merchantrade Money eWallet?
5. My mobile number is already registered as DuitNow ID with another bank, how do I change to link it to my Merchantrade Money eWallet?
6. I decided not to receive fund through my DuitNow ID anymore. What should I do? Below are the steps: -
7. What happens to my DuitNow ID if I change my mobile number?
8. What happens to my DuitNow ID if I terminate my Merchantrade Money eWallet?
9. I have activated secondary (overseas) mobile number in Merchantrade Money eWallet, can I register it as my DuitNow ID?
10. Can I register for DuitNow ID if I am a foreigner?
11. As a foreigner, what happens to my DuitNow ID after I update my renewed passport in Merchantrade Money eWallet?
12. What is DuitNow Transfer?
13. How long does it take to receive funds via DuitNow Transfer?
14. How do I transfer money from my Internet Banking account to Merchantrade Money eWallet?
15. How can I receive money into my Merchantrade Money eWallet via DuitNow Transfer?
16. Will I receive notifications when someone transfer money to my DuitNow ID registered with Merchantrade or to my DuitNow account number?
17. Can I still receive/transfer funds via DuitNow Transfer if my Merchantrade Money Visa Prepaid is blocked?
19. What is the maximum amount that I can send via DuitNow Transfer?
20. How do I change my DuitNow Transfer limit?
22. How to verify that I have entered the correct DuitNow ID when performing a transfer?
23. Can I save a DuitNow ID as a Favorite recipient?
24. What is DuitNow QR?
25. Where can I use DuitNow QR?
26. How do I make payments to merchant via DuitNow QR?
27. How do I receive payment via DuitNow QR?
28. Are there any charges for using DuitNow QR?
29. What is the maximum amount that I pay via DuitNow QR?
30. How do I change my DuitNow QR limit?
31. Can I disable DuitNow services?