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What is Merchantrade Money VISA Prepaid Card?

Merchantrade Money VISA Prepaid Card (hereinafter “Card”) is an electronic money (e-money) payment instrument with multi-currency wallet that contains monetary value that is paid in advance by the Cardholder to enable payments for purchases, which carries the VISA payment features and issued by Merchantrade Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Payments can be made for physical or digital remittance, money changing and other services at Merchantrade branches, digital platforms and participating agents, as well as for goods and services at participating VISA merchants worldwide. Top-ups can be performed at all Merchantrade branches, participating agents as well as at participating digital channels. Cash withdrawals can be performed at all Merchantrade branches, participating agents as well as at VISA Plus-enabled ATMs.

The Card also carries the VISA payWave feature that allows contactless payments either singly or in aggregate not exceeding RM250 daily.

How does the Card work?

The Card needs to be preloaded with funds at Merchantrade branches or participating agents before use. It can also be loaded via online banking services offered by participating Banks (CIMB Clicks, Maybank Cash Deposit Machines, M2U, JomPAY & FPX) and other methods enabled by Merchantrade from time to time.

Once funds are loaded into the Card, it can then be used to purchase goods and services at VISA merchants and to perform cash withdrawals at Merchantrade branches, participating agents and at VISA Plus ATMs in Malaysia and worldwide. The transaction amount will be immediately deducted from the Cardholder’s Card Account Balance.

What are the benefits of the Card?

Benefits include the following:
a) Enjoy peace-of-mind of not having to carry physical cash, especially when you shop or travel overseas.

b) Convenience in making payments for goods and services at more than 120,000* VISA merchant in Malaysia and 46 million* VISA merchant locations worldwide.

c) Cash withdrawals at Merchantrade branches, participating agents as well as more than 11,000* VISA Plus ATMs in Malaysia and more than 2.5 million* worldwide.

d) Access to a range of services 24 hours a day including convenient management of your funds through Merchantrade Money web service.

e) No hidden forex or cross-currency charges for the listed currency wallet(s) if Cardholder makes payment for overseas purchases using their stored corresponding foreign currencies in the wallet.
(*Note: The figures shown are approximate as at June 2018 and may vary from time to time).

How to apply for the Merchantrade Money Visa Prepaid Card?

There are 2 ways to apply for the Card. i.e. 1) Face-to-Face via Merchantrade branches, Merchantrade’s and authorized agents; and 2) Website and/or Mobile Application. We may however introduce other channels for application of the Card from time to time (e.g. sales booths or self-service kiosk).

Applicant(s) must be at least 12 years old. Applicant(s) below 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parent/guardian with relevant supporting documentation. For Face-to-Face Application Channel, Applicant(s) must be physically present at Merchantrade’s branch(es) or selected authorised agent(s) outlet(s). To process the Applicant(s) application for the Card, the following documents are required: –
(i) Malaysian applicant(s) must produce Malaysian NRIC
(ii) Foreigner(s) must produce either (a) Foreign Passport; (b) Malaysian Work Permit; or (c) official photo identification card issued by foreign country
(iii) Malaysian registered mobile number
(iv) Residential address in Malaysia
(v) Employment details (if employed)

Upon successful registration, the applicant will be issued with the Card instantly for non-personalised card. For personalised card with applicant’s name (with or without photo), it shall be issued within 10 Business Days.

Mobile App
RM20,000 Wallet Limit
Voucher / e-pay Top-Up
New card & card replacement
Local Bank Transfers
Cash-in from overseas via Western Union
Card usage
Fees & Charges
Multi-Currency Wallet

Get your Merchantrade Money card


  • Register online or via the Merchantrade Money app.
  • Verify your identity with your Malaysian NRIC/PR and a ‘selfie’.
  • Top up with any Malaysian online bank account (FPX).
  • Receive your card at your doorstep within 5-7 days.
  • Activate your card online or via Merchantrade Money app.
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