The Only Multi Currency Card You Need

No transaction fees. No hidden charges. No high forex rates.

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Gives you 20 currencies

From US Dollar to Swiss Franc and everything in between, there are 20 currencies you can buy, use to pay or sell back.

Accepted anywhere worldwide

ZERO fees when you use Merchantrade Money at over 46 million VISA merchants worldwide

Buy cheapest rates anytime

Convert at the cheapest exchange rates from RM1 to RM 10,000 and spend anywhere in the world. See it to believe it!

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Avoid currency fluctuation

Unlike other travel prepaid cards which charge you in MYR, this card allows you to buy foreign currencies, lock-in your desired rate prior to your travels and be charged in that particular currency.

Control it your way

Enable overseas transaction, online purchases or even turn on/off payWave and manage security in the app.

Tips: If you lose your card, block it in-app within seconds.

Done with your travels and have excess currencies?

Sell it back on the app and have it credited in your MYR wallet


Some tips that will make your trip memorable!

Tips 1

Add your card as payment source to any overseas app (such as Uber and Alipay) and deduct directly from the relevant wallet



Tips 2

Pay for London subway or parking tickets in Switzerland with your card at the kiosk



Tips 3

Withdraw at all VISA Plus ATMs for just RM10



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*Disclaimer: For Malaysians, you may sign up via the app today!

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