Increase Control Of Your
Business Expenses

A corporate solution designed to save time, simplify expense management while being cost-efficient.


Customise spending limits, manage merchant categories, and maintain real-time oversight from a unified, intuitive dashboard

Custom Approval Flows

Customise approval workflows that align seamlessly with your unique business processes

Effortless Customisation of VISA Prepaid Cards

Simplify the issuance of cards, with preset spending limits

Real-time Top-up For Employees

Seamless FPX transfers to master accounts to top-up for employees on the go

Easy Submission of Expenses

Scan receipts and upload them as proof of transactions



Intuitive dashboard that can be aligned with your internal process flow for easy expense oversight

Control Every Swipe

Nominate card usage by defining merchant categories from entertainment, online payments, petrol and more.

Real-time balance tracking

Effortlessly monitor and report expenses with a real-time robust dashboard. With comprehensive insight into all financial activities and tracking system, you'll feel confident about staying on top of your expenses.

Enhanced Card Security in-app

Enjoy peace of mind with extensive card security functions. With features such as 'Block Card' and 'Freeze Card', you have added control over card usage, preventing any unauthorised transactions.


Allow Merchantrade Money Biz to efficiently manage expenses while you grow your business

Enable and Disable Overseas Usage for Employees

Make Foreign Payments with 20+ Currencies at Great Rates

Worldwide Card Acceptance

Versatile for Online and In-Store Purchases

24/7 Customer Support

Learn how to use Merchantrade Money Biz

Simplify your business expenses for greater efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is Merchantrade Money Biz?

Merchantrade Money Biz is a corporate solution service provided by Merchantrade Asia Sdn. Bhd (Merchantrade) to help ease the daily flow of administrative & HR-related tasks for businesses, as well as manage & track company expenses. It is an easy platform for card issuance and simplifying day-to-day operations; providing an efficient solution for the corporate sector, SME and even startup businesses.

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