Local Currency The Key to Abundant Travel Savings This Chinese New Year

Are you looking forward to revelling in the lunar festivities abroad with the family, but a little concerned about overspending on holiday? Fret not! It’s easy enough to unlock the secrets to a prosperous and worry-free journey. We have the perfect solution to help you stick to your travel budget and avoid those hefty conversion fees.


Master the art of e-wallets for your travel funds

If you haven’t hopped on the e-wallet bandwagon yet, there are many reasons why it is time to do so. You can bid farewell to handling bundles of physical cash and preload your e-wallet with travel funds instead. It not only makes for a delightful and secure spending experience, you get to kickstart your lunar new year on a prosperous note, mastering the art of financial management along the way.


Ensure a prosperous holiday with local currency

Digital wallets, or e-wallets, enable you to load funds in the local currency of your chosen destination. We say seize the auspicious opportunity offered by e-wallets, stick to your budget spend, and avoid last-minute exchange rates at the airport or at your destination where markups will be much higher. 

The good news does not end there. Most digital wallets are now paired with prepaid cards. So you can enrol your entire family on the same e-wallet platform, top up their e-wallets with the local currency of your destination, and watch them enjoy spending with their individual prepaid cards. It’s a foolproof method for the whole clan to usher in prosperity in the Year of the Dragon!


Your quest for the right e-wallet

The perfect e-wallet must suit your travel needs and that of your family’s. Be sure you look out for one that includes these essential features:

  • Accommodates multiple currencies
  • Simplifies foreign currency payments overseas
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Minimal loading fees
  • Robust security measures
  • Reliable customer support


Chart every course with cashless confidence

As you scroll towards your family’s next adventure, remember that you have the power to shape the essence of the journey. Travelling cashless not only adds an extra layer of safety for all, this simple change grants you the freedom to immerse yourselves in the festive ambiance while shopping like a local overseas. 

What’s more, from now until 25 February 2024, you stand to win daily cashback or even a grand prize of RM888 when you use the Merchantrade Money card for online or in-store payments. It’s that easy. Usher in the ONG today! 

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