Merchantrade Money | Send Money Overseas

Sending money overseas don’t have to break the bank.

Do you have kids or siblings studying abroad? If you do, you’d be familiar with sending money overseas, whether that’s through a bank which can sometimes have exorbitant fees or a remittance platform like us providing low rates and low transfer fees.

That is the conventional way of sending money.


Welcome to the new era of sending money!


With Merchantrade Money, you can now send money to your kids or siblings and have them exchange it at their desired rate.


Whatever do we mean?🤷🏻‍♀️  Well, let us explain.

Sending remittance in foreign currency (either through our counters or our mobile apps), you’d have to pay for the exchange rate as well as the transfer fee. The delivery time ranges from 1 hour to 1 working day depending on the location and amount transferred.



Need money instantly? Introducing Card-To-Card transfer! You can transfer MYR to your kids or siblings overseas instantly, provided they too have a Merchantrade Money card and they can buy foreign currency on the app sans transfer fee!



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What is Merchantrade Money?

Merchantrade Money Visa Prepaid Card is a Multi-Currency travel card that comes with an e-wallet that lets you store up to 20 currencies.


Why use Merchantrade Money when you shop online?

  • Store up to 20 foreign currencies in ONE card

  • Pay in foreign currency

  • Send money overseas at low rates and low transfer fee
  • Spend abroad with ZERO transaction fees

  • View daily exchange rates and lock it in via the app

  • Need cash? Use the card to make withdrawals at any Visa Plus ATM

  • Manage your budgets on the go – check balance and view all recent transactions in real time

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