Overseas Purchases Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune

We’re no stranger to online shopping; we’ve all done it before, some perhaps a little more than we’d like to admit (don’t worry, we’ve been there). From beauty products to gadgets and car accessories, everyone has got their own kryptonite.

While there aren’t many hiccups shopping on local sites, things can get a little sticky when dealing with foreign currency. If you’ve purchased an item in foreign currency such as USD, AUD or GBP, the amount charged to your card will be in ringgit. The amount which is reflected in your bank statement will usually be higher after conversion (DCC) in comparison to the exchange rate you’ve seen in stores or online due to the fluctuating credit card rates.


Online shopping may not look as attractive anymore. What if we told you there is a way to purchase your items without any transaction fee or surcharge upon your purchase? Plus, the rates don’t fluctuate, giving you the advantage of saving EVEN MORE on your overseas retail. No shady shenanigans going on here.

Introducing our Merchantrade Money Visa Prepaid card, an e-wallet where you can opt to buy currency and store it, or shop online with the rates locked in from the start. Plus, it works just like a regular VISA card, so it’s accepted pretty much everywhere. Oh, and if you have excess foreign currency, you can always resell it via the Merchantrade Money app!