Merchantrade Launches First Corporate Wallet and Visa Prepaid Card in Malaysia

The new Merchantrade Money Biz debuts as Malaysia’s first corporate wallet that comes with a Visa Prepaid Card and provides greater support to corporates that are in need of business efficiency since adopting digital and cashless transactions. From large corporates to SMEs, Merchantrade Money Biz enables tracking, monitoring and automated management of day to day expenses. Add on the enhanced solutioning in the wallet, and both employers and employees experience the utmost convenience in managing business – freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on business efficiency. It is currently open by invitation only.

Here are 7 ways Merchantrade Money Biz can ease the administrative work for corporates and SMEs:

  1. Provides visibility to employer to ease reconciliation tasks for day-to-day administrative activities such as claims, allowance, company related transactions etc.
  2. Easy platform for card issuance with ability to control card usage at HQ level such as limit, type of transaction allowed, block wallet etc.
  3. Simplifies traditional approval process and expedite turn around time for urgent business calls.
  4. Enjoy ease of reload to the corporate debit card to fund employees anytime, anywhere.
  5. More corporate features in corporate wallet enable company related payments, support mini modules, etc.
  6. The corporate wallet also caters to smaller corporations that seek solutions for their day-to-day activities i.e. simplified HR module, invoice management, statutory, bill payments, etc.
  7. Small companies can use the corporate wallet to manage their spending and utilize the features in the wallet for supplier payment at the same time to segregate personal and business usage.

Merchantrade Money Biz is the “next-level” expense reporting solution. In ‘Card-carrying ways to automate expense reports’ from the Journal of Accountancy, the article talks about ‘next-level corporate cards’, explaining that “making the transition to a next-generation corporate card solution can eliminate the burden of the monthly expense reporting routine, improve your ability to manage business expenses, and offer some unexpected benefits such as premium rewards programs.”

Advancing business efficiency is mainly possessing everyday convenience when it comes to expense management. By taking a step in the right direction to integrate Merchantrade Money Biz into your business, you will have more time on your hands – pursuing other important matters that you would not have time for otherwise, and ensuring business decisions can be faster made to scale your business.

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