Get 20% Off Your Shipping With The Cheapest USD Rates

Found an item you been looking for ages from a USA online store but only realized they do not ship out of USA? Now, here comes EZiPoz – the saviour.

Buy from any USA online store and have your can-never-get-in-Malaysia item ship right to your doorstep!

With Merchantrade Money and EZiPoz (brought to you by Pos Malaysia predominately focused on shipping from the USA) brings you 20% off your shipment on your next splurge from USA. Cheapest rates on foreign currency plus discounts on shipping – it’s like candy canes at Christmas!

With a warehouse in Portland, Oregon, you can now send your items there and have them ship it to Malaysia for you. Track your shipment from the time it reaches their Oregon warehouse all the way to your house here.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to and register a new account (if you are new to EZiPoz).
  • You will receive a unique USA address and phone number after you have complete the registration
  • Enter the provided USA address and phone number as your shipping details to checkout
  • Receive email notification from EZiPoz when your parcel reaches their Oregon warehouse
  • Perform payment in EZiPoz with your Merchantrade Money card and enter MTRADE20 code during checkout to enjoy 20% off

*hint hint: Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is happening soon, so get wish-listing now! Find out the top 7 US site to shop this sale weekend!

Pay in USD at checkout with the cheapest lock-in rate on Merchantrade Money. Save another 20% off your shipping from USA to Malaysia! It’s sale all around!

Now sit back, relax and wait for your parcel to reach your doorstep. Easy-peasy! Happy shopping everyone!

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What is Merchantrade Money?

Merchantrade Money Visa Prepaid Card is a Multi-Currency travel card that comes with an e-wallet that lets you store up to 20 currencies.


Why use Merchantrade Money?

  • Accepted at all Visa Merchants worldwide

  • Save the hassle of carrying cash

  • Not linked to your bank account

  • Store up to 20 currencies in ONE card

  • Spend abroad with ZERO transaction fees

  • View daily exchange rates and lock it in via the app

  • Manage your budgets on the go – check balance and view all recent transactions in real time

Head to any one of our branches near you to sign up today!