Transforming Sarawak’s Rural Communities With Digital Payments Literacy

Our “e-Duit@Serikin” campaign was successfully concluded in a ceremonious event recently, as we celebrated a significant milestone in the vibrant digital payments scene. A major segment of the merchants at Serikin border market embraced Merchantrade Money eWallet as their preferred digital payments solution. This makes Serikin market the pioneer cashless border market, also marking the first phase in our journey to enhance digital financial literacy across Malaysia. 


A Collaborative Effort

The success of this initiative is a result of remarkable collaboration with BNM Kuching and PayNet to drive digital payments adoption in Sarawak’s rural communities, starting with the Serikin market.

The ceremonial conclusion of our e-Duit @ Serikin digital payments campaign was kicked off with a captivating Sarawak Cultural Dance to set the tone for the event ahead.


Sarawak Cultural Dance


Following the local performance, the ceremony commenced with a speech by Dato Henry Harry Anak Jinep, Deputy Minister for Transport Sarawak. His opening address set the stage for an insightful discourse, further enriched by the perspectives shared by Ivan Alias, our Deputy Chief Commercial Officer. The event held at Balai Raya Kampung Serikin garnered full support from respected parties from BNM Kuching and PayNet, reinforcing our commitment to digital transformation.


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L: YB Dato Henry Harry Jinep, Deputy Minister for Transport II Sarawak (Riverine and Marine) giving the official closing speech. R: Ivan Alias, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer, Merchantrade giving his speech.


Simplifying Digital Payments for Everyone

At Merchantrade Money, we aspire to make affordable financial services accessible to everyone. Our digital payment solutions are crafted to meet the diverse needs of various communities, from corporations to quaint rural markets like Serikin. By integrating cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, we strive to simplify transactions and empower users with greater financial control.


Transforming Serikin Market with our Digital Payments Initiative

The adoption of Merchantrade Money by Serikin market merchants is a testament to our commitment to digital financial literacy. The Serikin market, renowned for its rich cultural tapestry and vibrant commerce, can now cater seamlessly to local and international tourists using our eWallet, which supports DuitNow QR and multi-currency transactions.


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The gong was hit 7 times to honor the traditional Bidayuh culture in celebrating the upcoming Hari Gawai celebrations. L-R: Robert Tom, Pemanca Bidayuh Daerah BAU, YBhg. Temenggong Atok Ak Derop, Temenggong Bidayuh, Ivan Alias, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer, Merchantrade, YB Dato Henry Harry Jinep, Deputy Minister for Transport II Sarawak (Riverine and Marine), En. Mohd Irman bin Mohd Din, Head of Bank Negara Malaysia (Kuching), En. Constantine Gerald David Anak Jonas – BAU District Officer, Pn. Yatie Raheda – Manager, Commercial Division, PayNet.


Enhancing Financial Literacy and Security

By introducing digital payments to Serikin, we’re not just facilitating transactions—we’re pioneering a new era of financial literacy. Our initiative educates the community on the myriad benefits of digital payments, such as enhanced security, faster transactions, and the convenience of handling multiple currencies. 

Serikin merchants greatly value the advanced security measures and robust customer service functionalities with the Merchantrade Money multi-currency eWallet. By ensuring that users can access advanced transaction monitoring, authentication features, and readily available assistance, merchants and consumers are more empowered to encourage the use of our eWallet and help foster a more resilient and thriving local economy.


Expanding Our Digital Footprint

The successful implementation in Serikin marks just the beginning of our broader vision. Merchantrade has identified numerous niche segments throughout Malaysia, aiming to replicate this success in other developing towns. We aspire to extend the benefits of digital payment solutions to even more communities, enhancing digital financial literacy, and their overall economic growth.

With over 100 enthusiastic merchants in Serikin already embracing our digital payment solutions and reaping the benefits of quicker, more secure transactions, we’re thrilled about the future. The merchants invested themselves and were rewarded with cashback and lucky draw prizes, an added layer of excitement and reward to their journey towards digital transformation. Each success story brings us closer to our vision of a digitally inclusive society, where secure and efficient financial services are accessible to all. 


VIPs with the Top Transaction Merchants

At Merchantrade Money, we are passionate about transforming the way people transact. The adoption of our digital payments solution by the Serikin market merchants is a significant milestone in our mission to promote digital financial literacy and ensure everyone has a right to affordable, safer and convenient financial solutions. As we continue to innovate and expand, we remain committed to empowering communities with the tools they need for a brighter financial future.


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