Make Your Travels Easier with Merchantrade Money When You Go To an Asia Music Festival in 2022


There’s nothing like a great music event. It escalates good vibes and your feet can’t help grooving. Now after years of waiting, music fans like yourself will be ecstatic to know that you can finally travel to attend these long-awaited festivals… and get better value for your money for your overseas spend! 

Here’s how you gain the financial advantage with the Merchantrade Money app.


Buy & Sell currencies in the app
The Merchantrade Money eWallet has a multi-currency feature where you can manage up to 20 foreign currencies and spend with the Prepaid Visa Card. All you have to do is top-up MYR and convert to any of the 20 currencies we have available on the app. The best part is you can even sell your very last cent back to MYR once you’re back from your travels! So you don’t need to worry about having those extra coins laying around that you’re usually stuck with after an overseas trip. Not sure if you want to convert it back to MYR just yet? No problem. You can monitor the rates in the app, set rate alerts or keep the currencies to plan ahead for future travels.

Lock In Your Chosen Exchange Rate

The eWallet also allows you to spend at locked-in rates. That means you don’t pay extra for any conversion or transaction fees when you’re spending abroad whether you’re in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines or anywhere else!


Security For Your Peace of Mind

Using the Merchantrade Money Card requires a One-Time-PIN (OTP) for online transactions. Also, you may choose to enable or disable online payments, payWAVE and overseas ATM withdrawals directly from the Merchantrade Money app. And if you lose your card? You are able to lock your card from the mobile app itself and request for a new one.


Pay Anywhere Visa Is Accepted

Not only is it safer for you to use Merchantrade Money for retail purchases or online spend, it’s easier too! Choose to pay with PIN & Pay, or payWAVE where you’re headed. Your Prepaid Visa Card can be used anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted, so chances are you’ll never have to run to the nearest ATM for cash.


Card To Card Remittance For FREE

There will be situations where you’d like to split the bill after dining with the festival gang. With the Merchantrade Money Card, you can do a card-to-card transfer to any of your friends, at no charge. This applies when you’re back home too. Use card-to-card transfer instead of paying for interbank transfer fees in some cases.


A Remittance Service With FREE Insurance

Need to make an online transfer to someone who does not yet have the Merchantrade Money Card? Not to worry! You can make online money transfers to foreign banks, and every transaction covers 1 month Life Insurance coverage valued at RM4,000. Find out more here


Top Up Your Card Any Time

After you’ve paid your share of expenses and made your transfers, you don’t want to leave your eWallet empty. Top up your card on the go from any Malaysian online bank account. You’ll need a healthy balance in order to enjoy more value for your money, especially with the upcoming trip to the music festival! 

Make your travels easier with Merchantrade Money today.

Don’t have the app yet? Download it now!