How You Can Save More During This Black Friday Sale With Merchantrade Money

Pay Like A Local. No Hidden Fees. No Conversion Fees.

Buy your foreign currencies and make payments on any international e-commerce site whether it’s Amazon, e-Bay, Nordstrom, Ulta, Best buy etc, we cover them all!


Why pay in Foreign Currency, instead of Home currency (Ringgit Malaysia) ?

Money Saving Tip: Always choose to pay in Foreign currency when spending abroad or making payments online on international sites. 

Home currency is your own currency (MYR). Foreign currency is the currency accepted on the international e-commerce site or the country you are visiting (USD, EURO, etc). Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is the process whereby the purchase amount is converted by a shop, restaurant, online store or an ATM to your Home currency at the point of sale. The store cashier will use their own exchange rate to convert to your home currency, resulting in a fee.

With Merchantrade Money you can lock-in great exchange rates on multiple foreign currencies and save when you make payments abroad or on international sites – No surcharge, no hidden charges.

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What is Merchantrade Money?

Merchantrade Money Visa Prepaid Card is a Multi-Currency travel card that comes with an e-wallet that lets you store up to 20 currencies.


Why use Merchantrade Money when you shop online?

  • Store up to 20 foreign currencies in ONE card

  • Can be used at any online e-commerce site that accepts VISA

  • Spend abroad with ZERO transaction fees

  • View daily exchange rates and lock it in via the app

  • Not linked to your bank account

  • Need cash? Use the card to make withdrawals at any Visa Plus ATM

  • Manage your budgets on the go – check balance and view all recent transactions in real time

Download or head to any one of our branches near you!