A Modern Twist to Red Packet Traditions: Ang Pows Go Online

The tradition of exchanging red packets, or ‘ang pow’, holds deep cultural significance during Chinese New Year. There’s even a preparatory process for ang pows that goes back decades. Every married adult visits the bank branch to withdraw new, crisp notes to insert into physical red packets. The little packets are then offered in person to children with wishes for excellent school performance, or to the elderly with wishes for good health.

However, there are logistical challenges for sending and receiving ang pows especially across borders and in various international currencies. Fortunately, the transformative power of fintech has made sending and receiving lucky money in any currency so much easier now, to anywhere in the world.

Deliver the Ong in a few clicks

Mobile fintech applications have made the process of sending and receiving lucky money more accessible than ever. By using a smartphone or tablet for the red packet tradition, you can send cross-border payments in the form of e-ang pows. It’s a modern twist for a traditional gesture.


A multi-currency dance made easy

With the help of fintech platforms with multi-currency support, you can send lucky money in any currency overseas! Recipients can also conveniently receive and manage the funds in their home currency; simplifying the processes usually involved with currency exchange.


Fiercely guarding all your e-ang pow transactions

Value the imperial calm of knowing that you can conveniently send e-ang pow to family overseas and that they will receive the funds instantly. All transactions are guaranteed to be secure and transparent, preceded by authentication protocols and real-time transaction tracking.


Huat savings for festive remittances

Now with the great wall of electronic red packet services out there, you may want to shortlist one that helps you preserve the Ong with favourable exchange rates and minimal fees. By streamlining transaction costs, you can participate in the tradition of giving e-ang pows along with your wishes, without exorbitant fees or hidden charges.


The good news is you can instantly send Ong this Chinese New Year with a Merchantrade Money’s e-Ang Pow. Huat are you waiting for? Give tradition a modern twist and send prosperity their way!

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