How To Budget With A Prepaid Card

It’s not rocket science although it may feel like it. 


From nice meals out to new gadget purchases, reaching your financial goals monthly can seem like an eternity. However, before things get too bleak, there to budget successfully and reach your financial goal. For many, reloadable prepaid cards is the easiest way to manage spending and maintain high levels of disciplines because it’s not a traditional debit or credit card that is tied to your bank account.

Top up only what you need to cover your day-to-day expenses such as groceries, clothing and utilities – this would reduce the risk of overspending. This is great for those with kids or students needing allowances monthly to pay for daily expenses.


Want to know the best part? This card isn’t linked to a bank mitigating the risk of running an overdraft and won’t affect your credit scoring!


Merchantrade Money is open for 12 years old and above to register. Parents can seamlessly deposit allowances to their kids’ accounts in seconds.

If you or your kids have not signed up for one, don’t wait – sign up today!


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What is Merchantrade Money?

Merchantrade Money Visa Prepaid Card is a Multi-Currency travel card that comes with an e-wallet that lets you store up to 20 currencies.


Why use Merchantrade Money when you shop online?

  • Store up to 20 foreign currencies in ONE card

  • Pay in foreign currency

  • Send money overseas at low rates and low transfer fee
  • Spend abroad with ZERO transaction fees

  • View daily exchange rates and lock it in via the app

  • Need cash? Use the card to make withdrawals at any Visa Plus ATM

  • Manage your budgets on the go – check balance and view all recent transactions in real time

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